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CA22112 - European Network on Livestock Phenomics (EU-LI-PHE)
As animal breeding relies on the availability of accurate and specific phenotype data to reach its goals, phenotyping is increasingly being recognised as a limiting factor in all applications of livestock genetics and genomics. The acquisition of relevant phenotypes is also fundamental to routine and daily management of livestock populations in order to optimise reproduction strategies, disease control and welfare of the animals. Consequently, this knowledge gap needs to be filled to facilitate long-term improvement and a sustainable landscape for livestock production. Phenomics is emerging as a major new technical discipline in biology. Phenomics is focused on one major aim: to systematically describe the phenome, referred to as the physical and molecular traits of an organism. This discipline can be defined as the ensemble of methodologies and technologies for the acquisition, analysis and exploitation of high-dimensional phenotypic data on an organism-wide scale. EU-LI-PHE will create a Europe-centred multidisciplinary, interconnected and inclusive community of experts that will enhance scientific collaboration, catalyse developments, and transfer livestock phenomics concepts and applications to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the European livestock production sector. The Action will provide i) an overview of phenotyping technologies and infrastructures for applications in livestock phenomics, ii) approaches and methods for genome to phenome integration in livestock species, iii) computational resources and data analysis methods needed for this big data discipline, iv) a regulatory framework and a societal vision on livestock phenomics and v) a training environment for the benefit of the next generation of researchers in this field.
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