Greenhouse gas and water chemistry data measured across the Tay estuary, Scotland, from 2009-2011

  • A.E. Pickard (Contributor)
  • Ute M. Skiba (Contributor)
  • Anelena L. Carvalho (Contributor)
  • A.M. Brown (Contributor)
  • Kate V Heal (Contributor)
  • Bob Rees (Contributor)
  • J.F. Harley (Contributor)



The dataset contains dissolved greenhouse gas and water chemistry data collected across 12 axial surveys of the Tay estuary, Scotland, starting in April 2009 and ending in July 2011. Ten fixed sampling points on the estuary were surveyed on each boat based campaign. Data were obtained either via direct, field-based measurements, or via subsequent sample processing and analysis in laboratories at UKCEH Edinburgh.,All data were generated by the authors. During the generation of chemical data, calibration standards of known concentrations were used for quality control of instrument outputs and sample concentrations fell within the calibration range.,
Date made available1 Jan 2021
PublisherNatural Environment Research Council

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