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      SRUC CT Scanner Unit, The Allan Watt Building

      Bush Estate, Penicuik


      EH26 0QE

      United Kingdom

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    CT is a medical imaging technique which produces images of body cross–sections, using low dose X–rays, without harming the animal. The detailed images produced allow very accurate estimation of body composition and tissue distribution.
    The Animal and Veterinary Science Research Group provides services to end users derived from its research activity. We provide CT (computer tomography) scanning services to livestock breeders, to other research organisations and for veterinary diagnosis.
    We run a CT scanning service for sheep. Scanning using CT is a more accurate method for identifying characteristics which cannot be measured by ultrasound and allows you, among other things, to better identify the best animals in a flock for breeding.
    A modern CT scanning unit and a team of specialist staff are available in Edinburgh and at other locations across the UK with a mobile service, for use in a wide range of applications by researchers and external organisations.In addition, there are currently ongoing projects by PhD students as follows:
    – Use of computer tomography based predictors of meat quality in sheep breeding programmes;
    –Quantifying spine characteristics in sheep using x–ray computed tomography (CT).


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