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Land reform in Scotland: history, law and policy

Combe, M. (ed.), Glass, J. (ed.) & Tindley, A. (ed.), Feb 2020, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 384 p. (Scotland's Land)

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Environmentally Sustainable Livestock Production

Leinonen, I. (ed.), 2019, MDPI.

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Legumes in Cropping Systems

Murphy-Bokern, D., Stoddard, F., Watson, CA., Murphy-Bokern, D. (ed.), Stoddard, F. (ed.) & Watson, CA. (ed.), 2017, CABI Publishing.

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Farm Level Modelling: Techniques, Applications and Policy

Shrestha, S., Vosough Ahmadi, B., MacLeod, M., Barnes, AP., Shrestha, S. (ed.), Vosough Ahmadi, B. (ed.) & Barnes, AP. (ed.), 2016, CABI Publishing.

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Physiological responses of plants to attack

Walters, D., 2015, Wiley Blackwell.

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The Landscape Below: Soil, Soul and Agriculture

Ball, BC., 2015, Wild Goose Publications.

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Genomic regions associated with somatic cell score in dairy cattle

Wijga, S., Bastiaansen, JWM., Wall, E., Strandberg, E., de Hass, Y., Giblin, L., Bovenhuis, H., Hogeveen, H. (ed.) & Lam, TJGM. (ed.), 2012, Wageningen Academic Publishers.

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Climate Change and Agriculture: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation

Wreford, A., Moran, D. & Adger, N., 2010, OECD.

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Common Antimalarial Trees and Shrubs of East Africa--A Description of Species and a Guide to Cultivation and Conservation through Use

Dharani, N., Rukunga, G., Yenesew, A., Mbora, A., Mwaura, L., Dawson, I. & Jamnadass, R., 2010, The World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. (ICRAF Book)

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Understanding the costs of environmental regulation in Europe

MacLeod, M., Ekins, P., Vanner, R., Moran, D., MacLeod, M. (ed.), Ekins, P. (ed.), Vanner, R. (ed.) & Moran, D. (ed.), 2009, Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Diseases, pests and disorders of potatoes: A colour handbook

Wale, S., Platt, H. W. & Cattlin, N., 1 Jan 2008, CRC Press. 177 p.

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Induced resistance for plant defence: a sustainable approach to crop protection

Walters, D., Newton, A., Lyon, G., Walters, D. (ed.), Newton, A. (ed.) & Lyon, G. (ed.), 2007, Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

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Poisonous plants and related toxins

Acamovic, T., Stewart, CS., Pennycott, TW., Stewart, CS. (ed.) & Pennycott, TW. (ed.), 2004, CABI Publishing.

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Temperate forage legumes

Frame, J., Charlton, J. F. L. & Laidlaw, A. S., 1 Jan 1998, CAB International.

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