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RESAS Strategic Research Programme 2016-21 WP2.1 Crop and grassland production and disease control

Hoad, S., Taylor, J., Crawford, C., Bingham, I., Hoebe, P., Tarsitano, D., Brennan, M., Topp, K. & Baddeley, J.


Project: Research

Underutilised Protein-Rich Resouces

Watson, C. & Walker, R.


Project: Other

Improving the control of liver fluke infection in cattle in the UK - FLAG

Tongue, S., Stott, A., Weldegebriel, H., Vosough Ahmadi, B., Milne, C., Gomes, C., Eze, J., Henry, M. & Barratt, A.


Project: Research

Digital Cassava Genebank

Marshall, D.


Project: Research

DENMARK: Restricting the pathogenic effect on barley of the endophytic fungus Ramularia collo-cygni

Havis, N., McGrann, G., Mackenzie, A. & Sjokvist, E.


Project: Research

Developing sustainable management methods for club root

Burnett, F., Gorniak, K., Yoxall, T., Gravouil, C., McGrann, G., Dussart, F., Crawford, C. & Paterson, L.


Project: Research

Genetic evaluation of British Limousin Cattle Society Data

Kaseja, K., Moore, K. & Wells, A.


Project: Research

Sustainable environmental remediation of abandoned lead mining sites

Griffiths, B.


Project: Research

Developing digital KE resources for Lyme disease prevention in Scotland

Eze, J., Gunn, G., Auty, H., McCann, C., Baughan, J. & Cardoso Ribeiro, R.


Project: Research

Feed Wheat

Newbold, J.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the efficacy of biofumigant crops for management of potato cyst nematodes

Evans, A., Kiezebrink, D., Fenton, B. & Kasperek, C.


Project: Research

Agri-Tech in China Network + Newton Fund

Dewhurst, R. & Stott, A.


Project: Research

RESAS Strategic Research Programme 2016-21 WP2.1 Crop and grassland production and disease control

Hoad, S., Crawford, C., Bingham, I., Hoebe, P., Brennan, M., Paterson, L., Topp, K., Baddeley, J., Miller, S., Stanisz-Migal, M., Taylor, J., Harrison, B., Baker, L., Gorniak, K., Whyte, F., Bain, R., Yoxall, T., Laing, A., Griffiths, B., Watson, C., Evans, A., Burnett, F., Irvine, S., Lawson, D., Havis, N., Creissen, H., Dussart, F., Houdijk, J., Walker, R. & Swaney, J.


Project: Research

BREXIT EU consequential activity

McCracken, D.


Project: Research