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Advisory/ Consultancy

MacEwan, C.

Project: Consultancy

Benefits of diverse herbal-rich leys

Walker, R.


Project: Other

Platform for African dairy genetic gain

Dewhurst, R.


Project: Research

Increasing efficiency of dietary nitrogen use in dairy systems

Roberts, D., Bagnall, A., Flockhart, J., Bell, D., Dickinson, J. & McCubbin, I.


Project: Research

Database and reporting system to support Signet's Sheepbreeder and Beefbreeder Services

Krzyzelewski, T., Moore, K., Hamper, A., Wells, A., Brand, W. & Coffey, M.

AHDB Beef & Lamb


Project: Research

Improving the control of liver fluke infection in cattle in the UK - FLAG

Tongue, S., Stott, A., Weldegebriel, H., Vosough Ahmadi, B., Milne, C., Gomes, C., Eze, J., Henry, M. & Barratt, A.


Project: Research

Inoculated disease trials: cereals and winter oilseed rape

Havis, N., Gorniak, K., Yoxall, T., Burnett, F., Crawford, C., Laing, A., Miller, S., Irvine, S., Stanisz-Migal, M., Fortune, J., Domalazek, N. & Rzepka, A.

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds


Project: Research

Developing sustainable management methods for club root

Burnett, F., Gorniak, K., Yoxall, T., Gravouil, C., McGrann, G., Dussart, F., Crawford, C. & Paterson, L.

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds


Project: Research

Support to economic modeling of agriculture

Shrestha, S. & Vosough Ahmadi, B.


Project: Research


Campbell, J. & Ross, D.


Project: Research

Enhanced monitoring systems for improved health management of dairy-bred beef youngstock

Duthie, C., Hyslop, J., Troy, S., Mason, C., Haskell, M., Parker, J. & McCubbin, I.

AHDB Beef & Lamb


Project: Research