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Working for Waders

McCracken, D.


Project: Research

Healthy animals, healthy food, healthy people

Dwyer, C., Langford, F., Mitchell, M., Dixon, L., Camerlink, I. & Turner, S.

University of Edinburgh


Project: Research

Soils Programme Research Partnership: Management for Soil Biology and Health

Ball, B., Jones, S., Cloy, J., Hargreaves, P., Dussart, F., Watson, C., Parker, J., Griffiths, B. & Stanisz-Migal, M.

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds


Project: Research

Advanced technologies for efficient crop management: a participatory approach with application at farm scale

Hoad, S., Borthwick, F., Rees, B., Barnes, A., Crawford, C., Florence, A., Buckingham, S., Buckingham, S., Miller, S., Fortune, J., Vigors, B., Domalazek, N., Rzepka, A. & Redpath, R.



Project: Research

Enhanced monitoring systems for improved health management of dairy-bred beef youngstock

Duthie, C., Hyslop, J., Troy, S., Mason, C., Haskell, M., Parker, J. & McCubbin, I.

AHDB Beef & Lamb


Project: Research

Inoculated disease trials: cereals and winter oilseed rape

Havis, N., Gorniak, K., Yoxall, T., Burnett, F., Crawford, C., Laing, A., Miller, S., Irvine, S., Stanisz-Migal, M., Fortune, J., Domalazek, N. & Rzepka, A.

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds


Project: Research

Not started

Advisory/ Consultancy

MacEwan, C.

Project: Consultancy