CHERI: Calf Health Evaluation and Remote Inspection

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The ambition of CHERI is to develop a LOW-COST, NON-INVASIVE and AUTOMATED solution for monitoring bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in pre-weaned dairy-bred calves. Despite innovations in this area, BRD remains difficult to detect in an on-farm setting. The CHERI system will utilise camera technology coupled with advanced analytical techniques (deep/machine learning) for image processing and disease indicator classification at the individual animal level in group housed calves. The intention is to integrate the CHERI system, with CATL's current portfolio of animal sensing solutions to maximise the accuracy of disease detection and triage of animals at the farm. Higher accuracy will enhance farmer
confidence in technological solutions for disease detection, and facilitate early intervention for diseased calves. This is important to ensure high health, welfare, and productivity of calves, whilst reducing labour costs associated with calf

Short titleWell Calf Mk 2
Effective start/end date1/12/2330/11/25


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