ClimateSmartAdvisors: Connecting and mobilizing the EU agricultural advisory community to support the transition to Climate Smart Farming

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ClimateSmartAdvisors is a pan-European multi-actor network covering 27 countries. Its aim is to boost the EU agricultural advisory
community, leading to an acceleration of the adoption of climate smart (CS) farming practices by the wider farming community
within and across EU AKISs. To reach this objective, ClimateSmartAdvisors focuses on the crucial role of advisors in the development
and dissemination of CS innovations and practices. The project will organize activities focusing on strengthening the advisors’
capacity in providing CS advice and boosting the advisors’ role in the transition towards CS farming through their involvement in
innovation projects, CS-AKIS, and EU projects and initiatives. A number of complementary activities are developed to strengthen the
CS advisory capacity of the EU advisory community: 1) an EU-wide network of 260 advisory Communities of Practice (CoP) to support
the development of 1500 advisors will form the core of CS knowledge exchange; 2) 140 advisors will receive expert training on
selected topics, relevant for their context and for facilitating a CoP; 3) CoPs will internationally exchange knowledge on 12 thematic
areas; 4) a knowledge repository will provide advisors with CS tools, practices and approaches developed in the ClimateFarmDemo
project and further expanded in ClimateSmartAdvisors, 5) monitoring, evaluation and learning activities will capitalize lessons learned
in and outside the project. Activities to boost the advisors role in the CS transition include: 1) connecting to local and EU (multi-actor
innovation) projects, initiatives, AKIS actors, and policy makers to clarify and address joint needs, challenges and lessons learned, 2)
the set-up of Co-Design Innovation Experiments to learn on how to strengthen the advisors’ role in innovation processes. Finally, to
accelerate the wide spread of results, an ambitious dissemination, exploitation and communication strategy will be deployed at EU
and national level
Effective start/end date1/04/2331/03/30


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