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Dandelion is Scotland’s powerful contribution to Festival 2022 which will also take place in Wales, Northern Ireland and England next year, with 10 diverse consortiums (from an original 300 bids) winning major commissions. With a budget of £8.5M, the Dandelion team, drawn from a wide range of organisations and specialisms from all parts of the country, has found a common vision to initiate and support the genuine societal change people crave after more than a year of social isolation, through the growing and sharing of crops and the re-introduction of community harvest festivals.

SRUC is the science lead in the largest public engagement and community growing event ever held in Scotland. Relevant to the key challenges addressed in SRUC’s Challenge Driven Centres, it engages SRUC staff and students in one of the largest growing experiments ever undertaken.
Short titledandelion Festival
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/07/22


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