Development of high-value bio-products from wild-harvested and farmed Scottish seaweed

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Seaweed is a promising feedstock for sustainable production of a range of value-added compounds including food, feed, and fuel. Seaweed is rich in sugars and proteins. However, these sugars and proteins are, for the most part, locked in the complex and highly recalcitrant biopolymers. To augment the commercial value of seaweed metabolites, efficient valorisation (value addition) and biorefining methods of biomass containing the bioploymers are essential. Emerging technologies for valorisation show promise to reduce the significant cost, in large-scale operations, associated with the extractions of valuable protein-rich fractions. They also lead to waste reduction. In order to enhance the economic feasibility of these algal products in the global market, our proposed work on the comprehensive biochemical profiling of seaweed products from biorefining is critical. In the longer-term, extracted proteins (and associated fractions) from seaweed have huge potential to be significant sources of biotechnologically viable bioactive compounds.
Effective start/end date21/11/2222/05/23


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