Evaluation of Phase 1 of the Regional Land Use Partnerships Pilots

  • Stevens, Brady (PI)

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The objectives of this tender are to evaluate the pilot-led regional approaches to governance and partnership formation in Phase 1, which take place in Financial Year 2021/22. Specifically, lessons learned should be identified and documented in regards to:
1. The establishment of a governance structure which has a democratic, inclusive and local approach to enable stakeholder decision making.
2. The formation of a partnership structure able to deliver a collaborative approach to land use change and maximise engagement between national and local government, land owners and managers, communities and other stakeholders;
3. The adoption of a natural capital approach which is clearly understood by the pilot regions and stakeholders;
4. The incorporation of environmental data to inform RLUPs decision making and natural capital approach.
Short titleRLUP Eval.
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/03/22


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