Fasque Woodland Creation Project Management

  • Law, Ben (PI)
  • Young, Malcolm (CoPI)
  • Townsend, Ben (CoPI)
  • O'Keeffe, Liam (PI)

Project Details


Prepare and supply maps and schedules for fencing, ground preparation and planting contractors.
• Marking out of fence lines, ground preparation areas (including drainage) and species boundaries to guide contractors, as per FGS contract.
• Agree changes to exact positioning of fence lines with contractors where the variation is less than 10m in any direction; if greater than 10m and/or considered to have a material impact on the projects, variation to be discussed and agreed with Fasque Estate.
• Oversee all fencing, ground preparation (including drainage), plant supply and planting works on site as they progress to ensure safe working practices, timeous progress, good quality of work/materials, and compliance with FGS grant contracts, specifications, design and UK Forestry Standard, and instruct any changes required by contractors where work is non-compliant.
• Timing and frequency of site visits will be commensurate with the level of activity; nominally it will be once a week but as work progresses this is likely to increase to twice a week and is likely to require more than one consultant. Site visits will not be made unnecessarily. Most of the site visits will be made by SAC’s graduate consultants.
• Liaise with Fasque Estate over timing of fence closure and pest control, and report back on pests located within the fences after closure.
• Call-up of plant deliveries from nurseries to Balnakettle Farm, in discussion with and to keep pace with the planting contractor, and arrange with Fasque Estate to dispatch to site at identified drop points.
• Update Fasque Estate on progress on a weekly basis, and on SAC costs on a two-weekly basis.
• Prepare and submit any FGS variations required.
• Prepare and submit grant claim forms on completion of fencing and on completion of planting.
• Provide advice to Fasque Estate on all forestry matters.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/22


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