Integrated SERVices supporting a sustainable AGROecological transition

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SRUC's main role will be to provide access (transnational access) to dairy and beef research facilities - for experiments as yet to be defined (there will be a process to seek applications from industry and/or academic users).
Overall objectives of the project are:
- Provide access to integrated state-of-the art facilities and services – physical, virtual, remote - of RIs on agroecosystems to the European Research community;
- Develop RIs agility and flexibility in customizing services in response to the needs of users and stakeholders engaged in sustainable management of agroecosystems.
- Establish standards to ensure integration, quality, accessibility and reusability of produced data and models.
- Outreach and training of the community of researchers, beyond stakeholders, to enable them in the best use of the research facilities
Short titleAgroServ
Effective start/end date18/10/2217/10/27


  • transnational access
  • sustainable agriculture
  • dairy cattle
  • beef cattle


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