Mapping of the Redistribution Sector in Scotland

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2.1 The objective is to achieve a comprehensive and exhaustive mapping of the redistribution sector in Scotland, that will enable us to inform the Scottish Government about modelling a long-term resilience plan for the sector. In light of the “Cash-First” 3-year plan recently published by the Scottish Government , we want to understand the composition and the distribution of the sector in all its different forms, and what impact it makes on society as a whole, and in particular on food waste prevention and reduction.
2.2 The project will achieve this by drawing from the methodology utilised previously in a similar mapping exercise which will be made available to the appointed contractor, as well as replicating where applicable, the approach and framing adopted by a recent study conducted by Bournemouth University UK-wide, which ideally would be drilled down to a Scotland level. The results should complement and enhance the UK redistribution data gathered by WRAP, by providing Scotland-specific insights at a more granular level.
In particular, the project will gain full insights into:
 The redistribution landscape: who are the operators their scale and geographic coverage, the demand for their services, changes in demand due to the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis.
 The different operating models utilised by redistribution organisations (food bank, community market, community cafe and hubs, etc.), their effectiveness in food waste prevention and diversion, tackling food poverty and any other additional societal benefits, how much of the redistributed food remains in Scotland.
 The positioning of current redistribution activities in Scotland, against the background of the ‘Cash First - action plan’ measures, recently published by the Scottish Government .
 The barriers faced by organisations, for example due to legal requirements, changes in policy, economic shocks, or the range and quality of the redistributed food.
Short titleO2T4-P2-21.01SAC001
Effective start/end date1/12/2331/03/24


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