Metal and particulate matter accumulation in the urban hedges of Edinburgh

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This project will be centred on surveying the levels of metals and PM (coarse and fine particles) in roadside hedges in Edinburgh. The experimental designed has been tailored to enable (i) the comparison of different species regarding their metal and PM sequestration ability; (ii) study the vertical/horizontal displacement of PM in the selected sites; (iii) assess the effect of roadside distance, traffic volume, meteorological parameters (e.g. wind direction, speed, rainfall, etc.), and seasonality; and (iv) investigate the relationship between metal and PM concentrations in hedges and relevant plant traits (e.g. photosynthesis). More importantly, this project will pave the way to larger and more comprehensive collaborative research, capable of generating greater datasets and analysis across Scotland.
Effective start/end date1/02/2231/07/23


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