New Product Development Pilot Programme 2021-2022

  • Hammond , Kerry (PI)
  • Trail, Alistair (CoPI)

Project Details


Named NPD Connector resource & Structured NPD programme design, delivery & lead (Alistair Trail)
• Attendance at TKB events, engage with businesses, academia, wider eco-system and Scotland food & drink Partnership.
• NPD/EPD business engagement and enquiry generation and follow through. This will also involve working closely with F2M/TRKR as they work on commercialisation of propositions from best prospects.
• Company referrals to relevant specialist expertise, technical support and NPD facilities, additional market insights plus ONE Innovation funding and other funding options. It is expected all enquiries, screening, direction and options presented will be reported in a transparent process.
• Sub-contracted relationship with TRKR to deliver the above
• Attendance at TRKR/F2M/ONE regular project team meetings. Flexibility to adapt as pilot progresses.
Effective start/end date1/11/2130/06/22