ONE AgriTech Supply Chain Programme

  • Mayfield, Paul (PI)
  • Ross, David (PI)

Project Details


The programme objects are to provide:
- An introduction to and integration of new digital technologies which have the potential to radically alter farms, supply chains and productivity, and which will stimulate developments by individual entrepreneurs
- A step change in digital capability for a sector which has been digitally disadvantaged, but which arguably has the most to gain from technology which allows few people to apply a high level of individual management to large numbers of livestock or hectares, and to apply solutions in real time
- A reduction in carbon emissions through increased productivity and accurate measurement
- Supporting the creation of an agritech sector which could for example support ex oil and gas workers.
This will be achieved through organising:- An AgriTech Conference in the ONE region- Recruiting and managing two Focus Farms where new technologies can be tested and demonstrated to others within the sector.
Short titleONE AgriTech 2
Effective start/end date29/11/2131/03/22


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