RESAS 22-27: SRUC-a2-4 Achieving Improvements In The Health Of Scottish Livestock Through Increased Uptake Of Biosecurity Practices: Towards A Farmer-centric Approach Based On A Socio-epidemiological Model

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Use of a holistic framework that combines data from epidemiology, applied agricultural economics, and behavioural science in a multi-disciplinary approach to biosecurity in three case studies. This will enable better understanding of: farmers, their context, and the factors that influence their behaviour and choices; the impact of different biosecurity choices on disease burdens; the potential for influencing decisions through communicating disease predictions; barriers to uptake of biosecurity practices, which of these can be influenced, and what might be effective in incentivising uptake by different types of farmers in different contexts.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/03/27


  • Scottish Government: Rural & Environment Science & Analytical Services


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