RESAS 22-27: SRUC-a2-6 Cervids And Camelids: Understanding The Structure Of The Sectors.

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At present there is limited (and in many cases no) integrated database that supports registration and movements for managed and farmed Cervids and Camelids. The fundamental aims for this research project are to

(i) understand the key industry structures and operations for Cervids and Camelids, including off farm structures,

(ii) develop, with industry stakeholders, an identification, registration and movements of these species,

(iii) collate and analyse representative data from the industry to model what a tracing system could look like and priortised case uses,

(iv) run potential disease scenarios through these new data structures.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/03/27


  • Scottish Government: Rural & Environment Science & Analytical Services


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