RESAS 22-27: SRUC-c5-1 Modelling The Current And Future Ghg Emissions And Wider Impacts In The Scottish Beef, Sheep And Dairy Sectors.

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The project will allow the development of better targeted (i.e. more feasible and cost-effective) GHG policies and industry initiatives, thus contributing to achieving Scotland's net zero goal and reductions in the emissions intensity of Scottish food commodities. It will achieve this by combining scientific modelling and national scale data to improve the prediction of future greenhouse gas emission reduction scenarios in agricultural production, the cost-effectiveness of solutions and their wider environmental impacts. The specific focus of the project is ruminant systems, given their importance in Scottish agriculture, however, the tools and analyses will be embedded in the overall Scottish agriculture and include the wider resources used on livestock farms in Scotland as well.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/03/25


  • Scottish Government: Rural & Environment Science & Analytical Services


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