Synthesis and Characterization of Sustainable and Functional Materials for Advanced Applications

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The increased usage of synthetic polymers in commercial and domestic applications has created a concern for environmental awareness and prioritized the creation of new advanced materials from biorenewable resources. Some critical disadvantages of synthetic materials in terms of human and environmental ecology include being unsafe to handle and posing health risks when inhaled, non-biodegradability, corrosiveness, and being too expensive in addition to being non-recyclable. So, sustainable synthesis and processing technologies are highly desired to replace products made from petroleum-based feedstock. Specifically, this project will focus on the development and advanced manufacturing of sustainable and functional materials that are highly durable and multi-functional for applications ranging from biomedical to aerospace.
The main challenges being addressed during this research will be: 1) Can the micro/ nanoscale products developed from Biorenewable materials have the potential to be used as potential materials for advanced applications in biomedical/electronics 2) Can the Biorenewable based composites be simultaneously used in load-bearing as well as electronic applications in automotive and aerospace.
Effective start/end date30/03/2231/12/23


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