The Evaluation of Market Ready agricultural Technology Options (TEMaRTO)

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This work would fall within two work packages:
1.Work package 1: Near term
•Review the list of potential GHG mitigation measures as part of the CGSI project, to assess whether the original measures are still suitable, and identify existing evidence gaps and/or new technologies and innovations to explore. This review should include novel technologies on the ‘unquantified list’ of the CBDP as well as those identified in innovation programmes like Transforming Food Production (TFP) and Farming Innovation Programme (FIP). This should also extend to include reviewing measures set out by the Agri-Tech innovation centres in their reports.
•Undertake deep dives to address identified evidence gaps for prioritised mitigation measures and update Defra’s agricultural decarbonisation pathway in light of new evidence.
2.Work Package 2: Medium term
•Undertake a mitigation trajectory refresh in preparation for CB7 to ensure the decarbonisation pathway remains credible and up to date with wider developments across the sector (including socio-economic, policy). This would include providing updated marginal abatement cost curves (MACC), mitigation trajectories and metrics to monitor delivery.
•Undertake analysis to better set out GHG emissions savings across the UK carbon budget sectors (agriculture, land use, energy etc) as well as those impacts that occur abroad.
•Undertake studies to broaden the consideration of technologies particularly with a focus on regenerative farming practices, organic production etc. This should include analysis of how agriculture can act a as an enabler for emissions savings in other sectors such as waste.
Short titleTEMaRTO
Effective start/end date19/02/2418/02/27


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