Understanding peatland restoration costs and contractor capacity

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The project has two objectives:
1.Assess current costs, capacity and constraints for current peatland restoration contractors:
a.Examine the factors that influence costs –(e.g. size of site, location, accessibility, altitude, complexity of restoration activities, etc.)
b.Analyse existing costs data and identify key factors that influence the process of restoration (including correlation / causation) and final costs.
c.Assess the changing trends in restoration practice over time. This will include an assessment of projected change (e.g. more remote work, more at altitude) and consider any patterns in contractor costs, competition, geographical region and remoteness, for example.

2.– Explore the potential for change in future costs and contractor demand
a.Building on the results of 1(a) – (c) above, use stakeholder engagement to identify confident knowledge and key gaps in how -future contractor capacity, capability and costs can be defined. This will include the use of theoretical specifications for different site types, including where data is limited.
b.Using responses, assess how suppliers might respond to sites of different size/locations/complexity. This will include developing methods for forecasting future costs depending on different operational approaches (e.g. targeting by location or spatial scale) and potential responses to increased demand for their services.
3.Recommendation options for operational approaches to more cost-effective restoration.

Short titleRestoration costs & supply
Effective start/end date8/12/2310/05/24


  • Peatland restoration
  • rewetting
  • costs
  • contractor


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