Using deep learning in protein interactions to detect an emerging group of bacterial pathogens

  • Holden, Nicola (PI)
  • Ward, Ashley (Researcher)
  • Winn, Martyn (CoI)
  • Malhotra, Sony (Researcher)

Project Details


The aim of this project is to test whether AI approaches in protein interactions can be used to identify an emerging set of pathogens. The foodborne and zoonotic pathogens of Shigatoxigenic Escherichia coli (STEC) are grouped on the basis of carriage of the Shiga toxin. Their ability to cause symptomatic disease is dependent on a set of additional virulence factors, although they vary in combination and in sequence types. 
Short titleAlphafold STEC
Effective start/end date31/10/2316/02/24


  • Food Safety
  • STEC
  • Alphafold
  • machine learning
  • diagnostics


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