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In Nature, a variety of microorganisms play a vital role in the deconstruction and decomposition of plants and plant-derived residues and wastes. Fungi occupy a pivotal role as key microbial players in the biological conversion of plant biomass (lignocellulose) and plant-derived wastes, by producing an array of biocatalysts (Enzymes) that convert the complex biomolecules in plant materials to their simple building blocks (e.g. complex carbohydrates to simple, fermentable sugars). Harnessing this unique potential of fungi is central to several current Bioenergy and Biorefining strategies. We have investigated the enzyme machinery and enzyme systems produced by various fungi for plant biomass and organic waste conversion and valorisation (Battashi et al., 2020; Battashi et al., 2019; Cerrone et al., 2015; Davis et al., 2013). In the present work, we plan to produce sugar-rich hydrolysate via enzymatic bioconversion of biomass. That will lead to optimal implementation of both circular economy and zero-waste principles.
Effective start/end date1/10/2130/06/22


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