Biopolymer grafting: Applications

Vijay Kumar Thakur* (Editor)

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Book/Report/Policy Brief/Technical BriefBookpeer-review

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Biopolymer Grafting: Applications presents the latest research and developments in the practical application of these methods in industry, both to enable polymer scientists and engineers to keep up with the latest research trends, as well as to propose ideas for further research and application. Research into bio-based polymers has become increasingly prevalent. However, due to challenges related to the properties of these materials compared to synthetic polymers-such as their resistance to chemicals or weather-uptake has not dramatically increased yet. As a result, improvements in surface modification of bio-polymers through graft copolymerization are enormously important, because they will widen the scope of their applications. Relevant industries for application of these methods include automotive, construction, food, packaging, agriculture, textiles and paper. This book provides an overview of the developments made in the area of biopolymer-based graft polymers. Advantages, disadvantages and suggestions for future works are discussed, assisting materials scientists and researchers in mapping out the future of these new “green” materials through value addition to enhance their use.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages520
ISBN (Electronic)9780128104620
ISBN (Print)9780128104637
Publication statusPrint publication - 2018
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