Growth performance and endogenous losses of broilers fed wheat-based diets with and without essential oils and xylanase supplementation

V Pirgozliev*, D Bravo, MW Mirza, SP Rose

*Corresponding author for this work

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An experiment was conducted to compare the effect of a supplementary mixture of essential oils, with and without exogenous xylanase, on performance, carcass composition, dietary nitrogen (N)-corrected apparent metabolizable energy (AMEn), dry matter retention (DMR), N retention (NR), fat digestibility (FD) coefficients, and endogenous mucin losses (measured as sialic acid, SA) when fed to broiler chickens. Three hundred male Ross 308 broilers in total were reared in floor pens from 0 to 21 d of age. Birds were fed 1 of 3 wheat-based diets: basal diet (215 g/kg CP, 12.12 MJ/kg AME) with either no additive (control diet; C) or 100 g/tonne of a standardized combination of 5% carvacrol, 3% cinnamaldehyde, and 2% capsicum oleoresin (diet XT); or a combination of XT and commercial xylanase enzyme at a rate of 100 g of XT and 2,000 units (U) of xylanase/kg (diet XYL), respectively. Each diet was randomly allocated to 10 pens with 10 birds. Feeding XT and XYL diets improved birds' growth performance (P∈<∈0.05). Birds fed XT and XYL diets had an improved caloric conversion ratio (P∈<∈0.05) and consumed 1.3 MJ less AMEn per kilogram of growth compared to birds fed the control diet only. Feeding XT improved only the dietary FD coefficient (P∈<∈0.05) compared to control-fed birds, but the dietary FD coefficient did not differ for XYL diet (P∈>∈0.05). Birds fed XYL diet excreted 35% less endogenous mucin compared to control-fed birds (P∈<∈0.05). Birds fed XT alone gained more carcass protein than the control-fed birds (P∈<∈0.05) but did not differ from the birds fed XYL diet (P∈>∈0.05). There was no indication of a negative interaction between dietary essential oils and xylanase.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1227-1232
Number of pages6
JournalPoultry Science
Issue number6
Publication statusPrint publication - 2 Feb 2015

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  • Body composition
  • Broilers
  • Growth
  • Plant extracts
  • Xylanase


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