Improving dairy cattle fertility through genetic selection

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This paper examines some of the data obstacles that need to be overcome for the genetic evaluation of fertility traits. Firstly, the data available and methods of handling these data are discussed. This includes details of the types of validation required for the nationally recorded data and the impact of this validation on genetic evaluations. The relationships (genetic and phenotypic) between fertility and correlated traits are described and show that fertility traits are negatively correlated to milk yield and condition score. The results of the genetic evaluation of fertility in the UK show that fertility has been declining and the cost of this decline is approximately 70p/cow/annum. However, all traits show usable genetic variation and results show that it is possible to select good fertility and good production bulls.
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JournalCattle Practice
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Publication statusPrint publication - Feb 2005

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  • Data validation
  • Fertility
  • Genetic evaluation
  • Bos taurus


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