Scottish Recommended Lists for Cereals 2022/23

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    Scottish Recommended Lists for Cereals 2022/23

    The Scottish cereals lists include varieties of spring and winter barley, wheat and oats that are of most agronomic and commercial value to Scottish growers and the cereals sector. Recommendations are made by SRUC supported by the Scottish Variety Consultative Committee and are based on data collected as part of the AHDB Recommended List and Scottish Government National List system.

    Highlights for 2022/23

    The spring barley list has been consolidated with the main malting choices being Laureate and LG Diablo, both dual-purpose distilling and brewing varieties, and KWS Sassy, a distilling variety. Fairing remains on the list as the only fully approved grain distilling variety. Looking ahead, SY Tungsten and Firefoxx continue to make progress as they are evaluated commercially for malting use – both are considered as provisional year 3 (P3).

    The winter barley list includes four new varieties. These are two-rowed feed varieties, Lightning and LG Dazzle, a new conventional six-rowed variety KWS Feeris, which is a specific recommendation for tolerance to Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), and a new six-rowed hybrid SY Canyon. The leading two-rowed feed choices are LG Mountain, KWS Orwell and Valerie supported by year 2 varieties KWS Tardis, Bolton and Bordeaux.

    The Scottish winter wheat list has increased to twenty varieties, eleven of which are suitable for the grain distilling market. There are six new entries, including two soft-feed distilling varieties RGT Stokes and RGT Bairstow, a new biscuit and distilling option KWS Brium, two hard-feed varieties KWS Dawsum and LG Typhoon and a new Group 2 variety KWS Palladium. The leading distilling varieties are LG Skyscraper and Elation, supported by Swallow, KWS Jackal and the biscuit-making varieties Elicit, LG Illuminate and LG Astronomer.

    There is a new spring oat variety called Merlin and two new spring wheat varieties KWS Fixum for feed and KWS Ladum for milling.

    Ten varieties have been removed from the lists because of limited market interest, or low agronomic value. These are spring barley varieties Sienna and Cosmopolitan; winter barleys KWS Tower, KWS Hawking and Belmont; winter wheat varieties Revelation, LG Sundance, LG Prince and LG Quasar and the spring oat Aspen.
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