State-of-the-art and future directions of machine learning for biomass characterization and for sustainable biorefinery

A. Velidandi, P. Kumar Gandam, M. Latha Chinta, S. Konakanchi, A. reddy Bhavanam, R. Raju Baadhe*, M. Sharma*, J. Gaffey, Q.D. Nguyen, V.K. Gupta*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Machine learning (ML) has emerged as a significant tool in the field of biorefinery, offering the capability to analyze and predict complex processes with efficiency. This article reviews the current state of biorefinery and its classification, highlighting various commercially successful biorefineries. Further, we delve into different categories of ML models, including their algorithms and applications in various stages of biorefinery lifecycle, such as biomass characterization, pretreatment, lignin valorization, chemical, thermochemical and biochemical conversion processes, supply chain analysis, and life cycle assessment. The benefits and limitations of each of these algorithms are discussed in detail. Finally, the article concludes with a discussion of the limitations and future prospects of ML in the field of biorefineries.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)42-63
Number of pages22
JournalJournal of Energy Chemistry
Early online date10 Mar 2023
Publication statusPrint publication - 1 Jun 2023

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Dr. Rama Raju Baadhe received his Ph.D. degrees in Biotechnology (NIT-W) in 2014. Currently he is working as an Associate Professor and leading the Integrated Biorefinery Research group at Department of Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NIT-W). He is an associate fellow of Telangana Academy of Science, Telangana, India and has been honoured with various awards, including the Young Scientist award from Telangana Academy of Sciences (2016), Scientific Planet Society (2015), K V Rao Scientific Society Hyderabad (2013). He also received Early Career Research Grant and international travel grant from DST-SERB, India. His research is focused on the development of biorefinery for the production biochemical, biofuels and biomaterials. His expertise includes Biomass conversions (improved productions of sugars); Metagenomics for the mining of novel enzymes; Microbial engineering for the synthesis of fuels, chemicals and metabolites; Biomaterials synthesis, characterization and evaluation for biomedical applications. He has published more than 32 research articles in peer-reviewed international journals and has authored 10 book chapters and edited one book. He is serving as an editorial member of Biomaterials within the journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. He is a Reviewer of various journals like Biomass conversion and bioenergy, Fuel, 3 biotech, Bioresource Technology, Journal of cleaner production, International Journal of Biological macro molecules etc.

Funding Information:
Dr. Rama Raju Baadhe acknowledges Prof. N.V. Ramana Rao, Director, NIT Warangal for his continued support, Dr. Vijai Kumar Gupta would like to acknowledge the institutional research funding supported by SRUC, UK. Authors would like to thank Dr. M. Raja Vishwanathan, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, National Institute of Technology Warangal for proof reading the article.

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  • Biofuel
  • Biomass characterization
  • Biorefinery
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Machine learning
  • Pretreatment


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